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Buildings and Structures
Item 9150
White Tower Restaurant
1936-1937 Art Deco Styling

A rapid-prototype model of a White Tower restaurant in Art Deco styling as introdiced in 1936 and lasting into the 1940s.  Highly-detailed interior included.  Model requires some clean-up prior to painting and adding window glass.  The building is lighting-capable.  Available as a stand-alone structure only, but can be modified for integration into the corner of a larger structure.

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These items are made in batches based on pre-orders.  See the front page for further information.  Made in U.S.A. 

 ESM#   Description   Release Date   List Price   Current Status   
 915000  Camera   Stand-Alone, Right Facing   Jan 2012   $35.00   Made to Order (Shapeways)  Place Order
 915001  Camera   Inset, Right Facing   Jan 2012   $35.00   Discontinued Jun 2013  Not Available
 915002  Camera   Inset, Left Facing   Mar 2012   $35.00   Discontinued Jun 2013  Not Available
 915003  Camera   Stand-Alone, Left Facing   TBA   $35.00   TBA  Not Available
 915004  Camera   Front Facade Only   TBA   $15.00   TBA  Not Available

NOTE: As of 7/1/2015, these items will be produced through Shapeways. Clicking on the Shapeways star icon will take you to the order page on the Shapeways website.

These products are not toys and are not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

Buildings and Structures
#9150 - White Tower 1936-37 Art Deco