Eastern Seaboard Models
fine scale reproductions of North American eastern railroad prototypes
PO Box 301
Waldwick, New Jersey  07463-0301  U.S.A.
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Recent Updates 

003007  ESM 2019 Holiday Car X72 Boxcar, ESMX 2019Discontinued
222106  Class X58C Boxcar, PRR 112874Discontinued
222405  Class X58 Bocxar, Conrail, CR 361512In Stock
222802  Class X58 Bocxar, Conrail, CR 362097In Stock
222804  Class X58 Bocxar, Conrail, CR 360573In Stock
222806  Class X58 Bocxar, Conrail, CR 362298In Stock
224203  Class Lot 975-B Boxcar, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, P&LE 6920In Stock
224301  Class X65 Boxcar, Penn Central, PC 266655In Stock
224501  Class X65 Boxcar, Conrail, CR 266737In Stock
226403  Class XIH Boxcar, OKEX 6012Discontinued
228101  USRE 50' Boxcar; Penn Central, PC 269274In Stock
228102  USRE 50' Boxcar; Penn Central, PC 269362In Stock
228103  USRE 50' Boxcar; Penn Central, PC 229465In Stock
228201  USRE 50' Boxcar; Western Pacific, WP 4056In Stock
228202  USRE 50' Boxcar; Western Pacific, WP 4059In Stock
920100  33" Fine-Scale Metal Wheelsets, 12-axles, .540" length, 12 axles, .540" lengthIn Stock
921000  ASF Ride Control Trucks, 70-Ton, weathered black, 1 pair, weathered blackIn Stock
921001  ASF Ride Control Trucks, 70-Ton, silver, 1 pair, silverIn Stock
921002  ASF Ride Control Trucks, 70-Ton, freight car red, 1 pair, freight car redIn Stock
990202  Laser-Cut Wood Deck for Athearn GSC 53' FlatcarIn Stock

These products are not toys and are not recommended for children under 14 years of age.